Hello world! I’ve been working on the structural edit for my new middle grade novel. At times, it’s been tough. Other times, exhilarating. I’ve added a few new scenes and ramped up the drama. I’ve cut out one thread entirely. I’ve elaborated on some elements and pulled back on[…]

Hello world! Last week I wrote a post titled When writing is hard. With hindsight, I should probably have called it When writing is harder than normal. That might have been closer to the truth. Because, let’s be honest here: writing is rarely easy. As ole Ernest Hemingway so[…]

Hello, world! The past twelve months have confirmed one thing in particular for me: I really do love to write. Quite simply, I am at my happiest when I have an idea brewing or a story in progress. When I don’t, well, truth be told, I get a little grumpy. But[…]