It’s great fun pretending
to be a firefighter – zooming through the playground
in pretend fire engines, putting out imaginary fires.
It is even more exciting when a real fire engine
with real live firefighters on board
arrive for a surprise visit!

Illustrated by Donna Rawlins
Ages 3-7
Walker Books Australia
Hardback ISBN: 978 1 921150 29 6
Paperback ISBN: 978 1 921529 49 8
US edition: Candlewick Press
Hardback ISBN: 978 0 7636 4019 4
Paperback ISBN 978 0 7636 4997 5
UK edition: Walker Books
Hardback ISBN: 978 1 9211 5029 6
Paperback ISBN: 978 1 4063 2999 5

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“Opening with a lovely celebration of imaginative play, The Firefighters follows a group of small children deeply involved in a pretend game of rushing to put out a shop fire. Vivid and highly effective pictures and text successfully communicate the energy and excitement of the game … It’s not only hugely enjoyable but a very useful introduction to fire safety for pre and early schoolers. Highly recommended for three to five years and an absolute must for preschool libraries.” (4 ½ stars!!!) Jenny Gorman, Australian Bookseller & Publisher

“A great choice for introducing not only fire safety, but also creative play.” School Library Journal US (starred review)

“…This gorgeous picture book offering serves the dual functions of teaching about fire safety and the role of firefighters, and highlighting the fun of imaginative play … The illustrations, by award winning illustrator Donna Rawlins are in bold acrylics with plenty of red and yellow, matching the bright red endpapers. Sue Whiting is an exciting writer, creating stories, which kids want to read, and which adults enjoy sharing. An excellent offering.” Sally Murphy

“This is a cheerful participatory readaloud, with plenty of sounds … Highly recommended for both enjoyment and instruction, for up to about seven years.” Robin Morrow, Magpies


Shortlisted for Speech Pathology Australia, Book of the Year Awards

NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge, Years K-2

Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge, Years EC-2

SA Premier’s Reading Challenge, Years R-2