For Chance Callahan, life is black and white.
Fake or real. Right or wrong.
Truth or lies. There are no in-betweens. 
When a reality TV show starts filming,
Chance’s family is thrown into the spotlight
and Chance uncovers a devastating truth.
A truth that challenges everything
that Chance believes is true.
A truth from which there is no turning back.

Novel for ages 10+
Walker Books Australia
ISBN 978-1-760651-36-7

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“… Whiting has created a very relatable character in Chance. Her relationships with friends and family and her beloved dog, Tiges, feel genuine and heartfelt. Readers will have no trouble empathising with Chance and her world, recognising the familiar school environment and classroom banter.  I would highly recommend this novel to readers aged 12 years and over. Gaby Meares, Reading Time

“… This is an intriguing look at truth and lies, as Whiting reveals the rock that Chance’s life sits on begin to crumble … a powerful book … Highly recommended …” Fran Knight, ReadPlus

 “The Book of Chance will pull you in and keep you spinning until the very last page. Loved it!” Claire Saxby, award-winning author

“… Sue Whiting’s protagonist is a sensitive and whip-smart pre-teen who can teach us a lot about the truth and the importance of family. With a gripping mystery at its core, readers might find it difficult to put this one down. The Book of Chance is a story with a big heart and an even bigger twist. For readers aged 11+.” Kealy Siryj, bookseller, Readings

“… Sue Whiting once again demonstrates that she is a writer who invites the reader to wrestle with tough and authentic issues- and best of all, she writes compelling stories that race towards unexpected conclusions. I loved this book. I am still thinking about it …” Paul MacDonald

“… Chance’s determination, honesty and need to see the world as it really is shines through the whole story, and the plot will have you on the edge wondering how it will end. With themes of right versus wrong, social media, family, refugees and trust, this is an ideal novel for younger teenagers.” Lamont Books

“If you’ve read and loved Sue Whiting’s previous book, Missing, then you are going to be absolutely gripped by The Book of Chance … the story is riveting, well paced, highly believable and set in a richly detailed world … One More Page Podcast – Episode 45

” … I highly recommend you add it to your shopping list now. This is a gripping story which will appeal to readers aged 11+. One warning – do not turn to the back of the book – just let the story unfold. The truth is sure to surprise you.” FIVE STARS Momo Celebrating Time to Read

” … An intriguing and poignant novel; worth a read.” Sharon Greenaway – Wondrous Words 

” … Exploring themes of honesty and love, the question of ‘what is family’ and forgiveness, this is a compelling read for tweens and teens.  This is a ‘coming of age’ narrative like no other I have read and I recommend it highly for astute readers from around 12 years upwards …” Sue Warren – Just So Stories

“This gripping story for older readers by Sue Whiting begins with the end. Chance takes readers on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as she questions right and wrong, real or fake and seeks the truth at home and in her online world…” Kim Yeomans – Wild About Books

” … This incredible novel will tie you in knots from the first page. Engrossing and superbly crafted, the  longing to quickly turn the pages and find out what has happened will keep you riveted. There’s no way you can put it down till the end!…” Anastasia Gonis, Kids Book Review

“…The Book of Chance is an easy read, but well handled with polished dialogue, a strong narrative voice and a mystery which holds the reader’s attention…” Julie Wells, ReadPlus

“…It is a page turner in so many ways and I cannot recommend it highly enough.” educateempower – instagram





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