For Chance Callahan, life is black and white.
Fake or real. Right or wrong.
Truth or lies. There are no in-betweens. 
When a reality TV show starts filming,
Chance’s family is thrown into the spotlight
and Chance uncovers a devastating truth.
A truth that challenges everything
that Chance believes is true.
A truth from which there is no turning back.

Novel for ages 10+
Walker Books Australia – April 1 2020 release
ISBN 978-1-760651-36-7

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 “The Book of Chance will pull you in and keep you spinning until the very last page. Loved it!” Claire Saxby, award-winning author

“… Sue Whiting once again demonstrates that she is a writer who invites the reader to wrestle with tough and authentic issues- and best of all, she writes compelling stories that race towards unexpected conclusions. I loved this book. I am still thinking about it …” Paul MacDonald