Pearly Woe is a worrier. She worries about anything and everything. Mostly, she worries that her worries will mean she will never become a member of the top-secret group of stealth adventurers – The Adventurologists’ Guild – despite her very special talent of being able to speak animal languages.
But with her parents missing, Pig pig-napped, and Pearly a stowaway on an icebreaker heading for Antarctica …
Pearly’s worries just got REAL.

Illustrated by Rebecca Crane
Novel for readers 8–11
Walker Books Australia
ISBN: 9781760653590

UK MAY 2022

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Recommended on “A fast-paced, action-adventure tale for young readers … An encouraging example to be brave in difficult circumstances.” Debra Williams 

” … This story is action-packed from the start; readers will be swept away with the pace and the blend of fantasy and realism … Let’s hope there are some more adventures to come with Pearly and Pig, as they really are a remarkable pair.” Katie Haydon for Books+Publishing

“PRIMARY FICTION – BOOK OF THE MONTH … This is a terrific junior novel, suitable to any reader aged 8-12. I hope that it is the first in a series!” Lamont Books

“…I highly recommend this novel for junior and middle grade readers. Pearly and Pig and the Great Hairy Beast is an engaging narrative that will soon become a favourite class read aloud in many primary classrooms and libraries.” Rachael Hind, Magpies magazine

“…To me, the mark of a quality story is if I can hear myself reading it aloud to a class, and this is definitely one of those.” Barbara Braxton, The Bottom Shelf

“… Pearly and Pig and the Great Hairy Beast is a stunner. It has an engaging protagonist, tells a gripping story and also has the deeper layers that will make it a classroom favourite …” Joy Lawn – Paperbark Words

“The first in a new series starring Pearly Woe and her pig, Pig, this middle-grade novel has mystery, adventure, and a heroine you’ll want to cheer on…” Cherie Bell, Reading Time

“… The characters are deep and layered, and I love the emotional journey readers get to take with Pearly. She has a lot of self-doubt along the way and sometimes wants to give up (don’t we all!), but she finds the courage within to take another step, even if she doesn’t know where that step will take her…” Shaye Wardrop, Kids Book Review

“…A classic tale of finding your courage, despite your fears, dusted with just the right amount of humour and slapstick, you will follow Pearly and Pig as they stumble from one incredible situation to another … I won’t give away any spoilers, but will say that you and your children will be surprised and delighted by this book…” Dr Helen Edwards

“RECOMMENDED … This is an entertaining mystery with a light touch and an array of colourful characters…” Jo Marshall ReadPlus

“… Every page gave me so much wild anticipation.” Ebony Seabrook, age 12, The Geelong Advertiser

” This really will delight your young readers from around Year 3 upwards – with its humour as well as the concepts of trust, self-belief, friendship and family.” Sue Warren, Just So Stories

“… a rollicking adventure with plenty of twists to keep readers turning the pages …” Momo Celebrating Time to Read

“…There are some quirky fantastical elements here (talking to animals is an awesome ability!), but the main theme of overcoming self-doubt and persevering no matter the odds will be relatable and inspiring for kids…” Borgprincess

“… a junior fiction gem … a fast-paced adventure that introduces a smart and feisty young heroine. You’re in good hands with author Sue Whiting- the pace is perfect, the characters fun and quirky and the reader is encouraged to think about how we face our fears  …” Paul’s Book Trail

“…I shivered my way through every twist and turn of this thrilling, pig-pun scattered, adventure – the first of a new series – with its engaging protagonist and splendidly quirky sidekick – unable to pause until I reached the rules, guidelines, survival tips and ways to survive a sticky situation for Young Adventurologists at the end of the story…” Jill Bennett, Red Reading Hub, UK

“… Fast-paced and with plenty of pig-themed jokes and puns this first in a new series offer readers a relatable young protagonist, a delightful and quirky sidekick, and deals with relevant themes of anxiety, worrying and catastrophising…” A Word About Books


Longlisted for the Sisters in Crime, 23rd Davitt Awards

The Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge, Grades 3&4 / 5&6

The South Australian Premier’s Reading Challenge, Grades 3-5



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