Hugo and Millie were the best of mates.
They did everything together.
Then one day a funky beat came
drifting in on the breeze.
Hugo’s hips began to sway.
His mind jiggled.
And soon Hugo wanted
to do nothing but …

Illustrated by Nina Rycroft
Ages 3-6
Paperback ISBN 978 0 86461 666 X
Koala Books
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“Elephant Dance is a beautiful picture book about friendship and compromise. the repeated refrain of ‘boom-boompa-chee’ will delight youngsters who will echo it during and after the story – when I read it to a class of year one students they wanted to boom-boompa-chee around the school for the rest of the day. The illustrations by Nina Rycroft, are in beautiful pastels with the browns and greys of the elephants offset by rich orange and blue skies and green grasses. The music weaves through the illustrations on coloured ribbons, symbolising the way it drifts through the air carrying the tune from page to page and across spreads. This is a beautiful picture book offering.” Sally Murphy www.aussiereviews.com

“The result is magical. Boom-boompa-chee, the music calls the pages to life. Children from 4 – 6 years will love the story and pictures, while learning about being a good friend.” Sandy Fussell, The Reading Stack