I have worked in children’s publishing for twenty plus years, including ten years as Senior Commissioning Editor and Publishing Manager at Walker Books Australia, and eight years as a freelancer.

During my time at Walker Books, I had the privilege and joy of working with some of Australia’s finest authors and illustrators, including Meg McKinlay, Margaret Wild, Julie Vivas, Frané Lessac, Anna Branford, Mark Greenwood, Pamela Freeman, James Roy, Leila Rudge and many more. I also had the opportunity to “discover” and nurture fantastic new creators, giving some people their first “break” in the industry.

I have loved working with both emerging and established authors, helping them to develop their work, but after twenty+ years of dividing my time between editing and writing, I have made the difficult decision to take a step back from editorial work, so I can concentrate on my own writing, speaking and advocacy for reading and writing for pleasure. As such, I no longer offer editorial services, including manuscript assessment and mentoring.  

All the best with your writing projects!
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“Sue Whiting has been my editor for over a decade and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Sue has that quality shared by all the best editors – the ability to meet a manuscript on its own terms and help guide it towards becoming the best possible version of itself. And as a writer herself, she also has a complete and empathetic understanding of the creative process. My work owes a great deal to Sue’s unerring editorial hand and so too does my broader development as a writer.”

MEG McKINLAY, award-winning author of A Single Stone

“I’ve had the good luck to work closely with Sue all the way through my children’s writing career. She has a wonderful knack for drawing the best out of my drafts and for helping me to iron out the difficult patches sensitively and insightfully. I have always felt quite certain that she loves my characters every bit as much as I do and cares for them as her own. Her genuine warmth and gorgeous humour continue to make every moment of our working relationship a pleasure.”

ANNA BRANFORD, award-winning author of the Violet Mackerel and Lily the Elf series.


“Working with Sue Whiting has, quite literally, changed my life. She gave me the courage and the confidence to believe in my voice. She encouraged and pushed me, with wisdom, humour and her enormous insight and knowledge of what makes a good book, a great book. And the result? I have just signed a deal with Walker Books, to publish my first picture book. Sue Whiting is the real deal – and that is a rare and precious thing. Sue will help you see how to make your work the very best that it can be and how to become the writer you know are.

RHIÂN WILLIAMS, author Ten Little Figs Walker Books Australia (coming soon)

“Working with Sue was an absolute delight and her professionalism was evident from the get-go. Her structural edits, as well as attention to detail and understanding of the readership, ensured the manuscript was in the best possible shape for publication.

Sue’s thoughtful, honest and knowledgeable suggestions will advance with me to future manuscripts. Highly recommended for authors in Australia and beyond!”

TIM HARRIS author Exploding Endings series

“The single best thing I have done for my writing is having Sue Whiting as a mentor. I have done courses, workshops, conferences, competitions, groups … and the list goes on. Nothing compares to having a professional look at your work with a critical and considered eye; giving you feedback that is specifically for your individual work.

Sue is a rare talent. She is both a prolific author, and has been the Commissioning Editor for a major publishing house. This means she understands where you are as a writer, and what you need to do to create work that is tantalising for a prospective publisher. She knows what sells and what doesn’t. Sue asks all the right questions to make you think about your writing and where it is going. She has already assisted a member of our mentor group to reach publication and I believe others will follow.

If you want to be a published author, you must work with someone who knows what they are doing. And Sue Whiting is at the top of the list for her insight with excellent writing and knowledge of the publishing industry. Why are you even reading any further? You should have hired her by now!”

KRYS SACLIER, mentored author

“Working with Sue has helped me dig deeper into my characters and really clarify my goal, motivation and conflict. Having spent thousands on courses and manuscript assessments of varying quality, Sue’s feedback was exactly what I needed to make my writing shine. Sue will push you beyond your comfort zone by being honest and supportive – the perfect combination if you want to be the best writer you can be.”

KRISTINA PAWLIW, mentored author