A crazy galah.
A determined twelve-year-old.
An evil plan …
A page-turning adventure.
Hairy Legs, the foul-mouthed,
but much loved, pet shop galah
has been stolen.
The residents of Tompkin Park are devastated.
None more than Britt Brady, whose orderly life
is thrown into chaos as she and Dimi pursue
Hairy Legs’s captors – a pursuit that ulitmately
leads them into the dark and dangerous world
of organised crime.
“Nothing is at it seems, Britt Brady. Remember that.”

Mystery/adventure novel for 9+
New Frontier Publishing
ISBN: 978 1 921042 13 3
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“… Young Britt is something of an Australian Nancy Drew, and upon the mysterious disappearance of Hairy Legs, Britt swings into action. Newspaper clippings and significant lists appear as images on the page amongst the textural narrative, which is a neat break from the traditional novel adding an engaging quality. Britt Brady is a likeable protagonist and comes across as an authentic young woman with a mission. She is surrounded by amusing characters, such as Dimi Papadakas and Leo Darius, who provide a peripheral insight into being bi-cultural kids in modern urban Australia. This tale of Britt and her mates tracking the missing bird’s whereabouts moves at a slick pace without emerging as predictable … Once the mystery is unravelled everyone is able to relax before the next mystery undoubtedly ensues. A good read for nearly and early teens.” David Jobling Independent Weekly, Adelaide

“… Whiting has blended vivid description, lovable characters and a well-devised plot seamlessly. She has provided enough twists and possible culprits to keep the most discerning reader guessing. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and believe Britt has what it takes to carry a series–as do the other characters. I have no doubt that kids aged 9-13 everywhere will eagerly await each new adventure. Humour, mystery and intrigue; what more could a reader want?” Jenny Mounfield Buzz Words (compiled by Dianne Bates)

“This new series is a great concept for readers who like detective mysteries and, because Britt helps out in a pet shop, future plots are likely to involve animals as well – another bonus for primary and junior secondary girls …” Joy Lawn, Magpies, Vol 22 No 3


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