I am happy to speak to a variety of topics and themes and will adapt my presentations to cater for specific needs.

Some of my presentations include:


It’s all in the telling [Years 3-6]

In this session participants will be taken on a wild story journey: trekking through snowstorms, dodging giant spiders, fleeing raging bushfires. Along the way, they will discover what it takes to make a story both authentic and gripping, and will explore the special tools writers employ to make their stories sparkle. The session will also endeavour to enthuse participants about books and reading.

Time for a story [Years K-2]

This session for younger students focuses on dramatic, humorous and interactive storytelling – I’m partial to dress-ups! – and will encourage students to use their imaginations and actively participate. It will also touch on the process of book making and include the sharing of illustrative roughs, original art, printer’s proofs etc.

Writing workshops

I am happy to deliver workshops to any age group from Year One upwards. I draw on my teaching, writing and editing experiences to inspire young writers to use their imaginations and provide tips and exercises for writing development. Workshops focus on getting ideas, creating characters, plotting, using imagination, writing techniques, authentic dialogue, structure, plotting and planning and writing super starts.

Making stuff up workshop

Story ideas are everywhere. This workshop guides students through the process of how to use their imaginations to turn simple ideas into amazing stories. Through active participation and writing exercises, students will explore the special tools writers employ to make their stories sparkle.


The ghosts of the past

A discussion on the stories behind and the process of writing Portraits of Celina. This session will show how the initial idea grew and changed over time and how as characters revealed themselves to me, they led me to write a book that I never expected to write. Themes of family relationships, dealing with grief, first love, truth, secrets, courage, missing persons, life in the 1970s and what is real will be explored.

The writer’s journey

Using published books and current works in progress as examples, this session will explore the writer’s journey from initial idea to final book. It will demonstrate how authors use a combination of research, their own experiences and imagination to plot and plan, write and rewrite stories that are authentic and gripping.

Writing workshops

Can cater to individual school’s needs. Topics include – creating realistic characters, authentic dialogue, story structure, plotting and planning, writing techniques, editing, creating suspense etc.

The inside story

Having worked in children’s publishing for seventeen years, ten of which as a commissioning editor and publishing manager for Walker Books I am in the unique position of being able to speak about the publishing process from a variety of perspectives. The Inside Story provides insight into the world of publishing with tips about how to get a story noticed. (Best suited to ages 12+)


I am able to use my books to speak to a variety of themes including, the importance of place, identity, peer pressure, self esteem, courage, betrayal, difference, acceptance, journeys, belonging and growing up.


In a nutshell: writing for children and young adults workshop

Writing picture books master class

Finding your inner child workshop

How to develop enthusiastic readers and writers in the classroom